As REPS leadership gears up for SAA, we wanted to share some of the resources that we have been referring to with you. If you have any questions at all about SAA or the resources below, feel free to shoot us an E-mail at repsnea[at]gmail[.]com any time!

REPS SAA Schedule

Is this your first time at SAA? Did you go last year and feel you might have missed something? We created the REPS SAA 2013 schedule with you in mind. The schedule highlights conference offerings we thought might be of particular interest to early professionals and students. Some of these sessions are specifically geared to first-timers, while others are topics of interest to the REPS co-chairs and steering committee members. We tried to pick a few out of the box sessions with presenters who are known for their writing, research, and contributions to the archives profession. This tool is just a starting point, and we encourage you to review the SAA schedule in its entirety as you finalize your plans. Also, consider signing up for a Sched account to create your own schedule and keep up with REPS and each other!

SNAP Roundtable Meeting/Networking Event

The Students and New Archives Professionals roundtable, is holding their meeting on Wednesday, August 14, from 5:15-7:15pm in the Grand Salon 21/24. We are highlighting this meeting because of its relevance to early professionals and students, and encourage you to attend! If you decide to check out other roundtable meetings during this time slot, stop by during the last half hour when the open networking period kicks off.

Research Forum

If you are in New Orleans on Tuesday, August 13, then you should attend the SAA Research Forum! REPS’ Liz Francis (the Research Forum Coordinator) has helped create a fun and engaging schedule that all archivists can enjoy! For example, you can see Sofía Becerra-Licha’s, REPS Steering Committee member, presentation on MPLP! REPS strongly encourages you to check out the forum to see what other archivists’ research initiatives are and to think creatively about your own work. Who knows, maybe you can present next year!

First-Timers Tips

SAA’s First-Timers Page has lots of resources to help first-timers navigate the conference. This resource makes it clear what meetings you can attend and what resources are available to you at the meeting!

SNAP has created a helpful guide to assist first-time conference attendees at SAA! If you are curious about how to navigate a session: Do you have to stay if you aren’t interested in the subject? Should you attend a session your boss is presenting in? Or if you want general networking tips, you should check out this guide! You can always ask your REPS leaders these questions for advice too!

Airport Shuttle/Ground Transportation

Check out SAA’s guide to getting to and around New Orleans, which includes information on shuttle, taxi, and public transportation options from the airport to the conference hotel.

SNAP Lunch Buddy program 

New this year, SNAP is sponsoring a “lunch buddy” program to encourage informal networking throughout the conference by providing an online space for attendees to coordinate breakfast, lunch, dinner, and/or happy hour outings. Participation is easy and open to anyone attending SAA, regardless of SNAP membership. Sign up to be a host or attendee by adding your info to this spreadsheet, which includes more details on the program.

SAA on Twitter

We encourage everyone to track #saa13 on Twitter during the conference whether you’re attending or not! It’s a fun way to keep up with the goings-on of the Annual Meeting: attendees will be live-tweeting sessions, meetings, social/fun time, and networking events. If you would like for REPS to re-tweet of your #saa13 tweets that you think would be of interest to early professionals & students, we invite you to tweet at us (@repsnea). See you on Twitter!

New Orleans

If you are looking for the inside scoop on experiencing NOLA to the fullest, then you should really check out the local arrangements blog locals have been busy gathering and posting useful information to help you to get the most out of your time in New Orleans. Have a look at this to help you plan your free time; we at REPS are particularly excited by the dining guide and their “Music Mondays” posts!

REPS leaders would also like to recommend some fun eateries!:

On Thursday night, if you have the time, you gotta go to Le Bon Temps Roule. It’s on Magazine and according to our sources it is a legit New Orleans’ experience. They have brass bands play on almost every Thursday night, and it is jam packed full of people.

Also check out Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop on Bourbon and St. Philip. They claim to be the oldest bar in the US. There is no electricity in the place (they have a few extension cords coming in from the outside), and they usually have what appears to be a “legitimate” pirate playing on a piano. The place feels like a cave, and it’s pretty awesome. It’s down Bourbon a ways, but it’s a good place to stop at if you’re heading to Frenchman street.


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