Introducing REPS Recommends!

REPS is pleased to announce a new blog series, REPS Recommends!

Each post in the REPS Recommends series will feature a recreational read of interest to the REPS membership because it connects with our profession. We’re interpreting this broadly to include any recreational reading (not professional literature) that has to do with archivists, librarians, book conservators or other related professions, or archives, libraries, historical research, or other subjects that overlap with the archives world.

The series will be authored by REPS members, steering committee members, and co-chairs. Anyone can get involved! If you are interested in writing a recommendation, please email Abby (abigail.cramer[at] with the book you would like to recommend.

Look for the first post in the series on October 6th!

Views expressed in REPS Recommends posts do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of the Roundtable for Early Professionals and Students or the New  England Archivists.



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