REPS Recommends… The Cabinet of Curiosities

Abigail Cramer is the Librarian/Archivist at Historic New England, a member of the REPS steering committee, and a member of a handful of NEA Program Committees. Abby received her MLIS from Simmons College in 2012 and has a B.A. in English. She loves reading, loves her profession, and especially loves it when the two overlap.

The Cabinet of Curiosities by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Cabinet of Curiosities
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Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s third installment in the Pendergast series might seem like an odd choice for a recommended read. The Preston and Child books are lightweight thrillers, and they’re honestly not great fiction. They are fast paced, fun, and make for great beach reading, but they are not to be taken seriously! Let’s just get that straight from the beginning.

If you can buy into the cheese-factor, the books in this series can be fun historical mysteries. They each take place in modern New York City and feature oddball FBI agent Pendergast, who appears to specialize in supernatural and/or creepy cases. Others in the series tend to have some sort of historical element to the mystery, but this one in particular is about a series of murders that took place long before the events of the book. It’s creepy, it’s a page turner, and in if you’re into that type of thing you’ll probably enjoy it.

What makes it fun for us book-folk is that this particular installment in the series includes a reclusive librarian as a recurring character. He’s many of the negative stereotypes about librarians, but he’s also the unsung hero of the book. His help is invaluable to Agent Pendergast, and we all know librarians are saving the world every day. I liked seeing that in print for once.

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