The REPS Guide to SAA 2014!

Annalisa Moretti graduated from Simmons College in 2013. Currently, she works at MIT Libraries in Curation, Preservation, and Reformatting Services. She is the Website and Social Media Coordinator for REPS. You can read her blog here.

Image Credit: Smithsonian Institution
Image Credit: Smithsonian Institution

The Society of American Archivists Annual Meeting is just a week away, and though I won’t be attending, I thought I might round up some resources for the REPS members who will be heading to DC soon, and therefore live vicariously through you all.

To start things off, SAA has a First-Timer’s Guide to this year’s meeting. It includes lots of great advice about planning your schedule and what to bring along with you to the conference. Also take a look at this cool feature from Archival Outlook on How to Survive (and Thrive) your First Annual Meeting. If you have a smartphone, consider downloading SAA’s Conference App/Mobile Schedule to keep track of the session’s you’re attending. And if you’re on Twitter, the hashtag for this year’s conference is #saa14.

This year SAA has put into place a Code of Conduct. Be sure to familiarize yourself with it, and take note of how to deal with any problems that arise.

And by the way, there’s a THATCamp for SAA 2014 taking place on Sunday, August 17 in DC! Register if you’re interested! Unconferences are great ways to get involved, especially if you are a new professional!

SNAP (SAA’s roundtable for students and new archivists) has a great guide for attendees here. SNAP’s Annual Roundtable Meeting will be held on Wednesday August 13 at 5:15 pm. SNAP’s most recent Twitter chat, #snaprt, featured advice for conference attendees, which can be read in this Storify. And finally, beginning today, SNAP’s blog will be running a five-piece blog series on attending SAA which expands on some of the topics discussed in that Tweet Up. The first post is about attending special events.

And how about checking out some relevant REPS blog posts? Last year Dan Bullman wrote some reflections on his first time attending SAA and Sofia Becerra-Licha discussed her experiences attending for the third time. Aliza Leventhal wrote a great post for us about getting the most out of professional organizations which is also really relevant.

From our Resources page, you might also be interested in these ALA Conference Survival Tips. Or, stressing out about what to wear? (Hey, it’s a legitimate concern!) Maybe Librarian Wardrobe can help. Hack Library School has some great tips on maximizing your post-conference opportunities (like what to do with all those business cards!). If you’re nervous about networking, here’s a post from on making small talk at conferences.

So go out there and have lots of fun for me at this year’s meeting! Maybe next year, I can join you all.


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