REPS TourFest 2015: Group Three Guide

Our final tour group will visit the Bostonian Society, which is located the Old State House, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra Archives! Register here now!

The Old State House, built in 1713. Image credit: Boston Public Library.

Bostonian Society and the Old State House

A visit to the Bostonian Society Library and Archives will include an overview of the facility, a behind-the-scenes tour into collections storage, and an opportunity to see highlights from their 18th century collection, including materials related to John Hancock and the Hancock family, Paul Revere, and Boston daily life during the American Revolution.  Last fall, the Bostonian Society also discovered a time capsule from 1901 in the lion statue that sits atop the Old State House, so there will also be an opportunity to look at some of the items that were found in the time capsule.  Lastly, we’ll head over to the Old State House to tour the museum galleries.


Boston Symphony Orchestra Archives

The Boston Symphony Orchestra Archives houses printed programs, press clippings, posters, photographs, administrative files, and an extensive collection of radio broadcast tapes of concerts, and commercial recordings. Visitors on the REPS tour can expect to see a representative sample of these collections as well as tour the newly renovated archives space which opened in October 2014. The audio/visual collection makes up about one-third of the Archives’ entire holdings and contains commercial recordings and radio broadcast master tapes of the BSO, the Pops, and the Boston Symphony Chamber Players. Also included are recordings of Tanglewood Music Center student concerts dating back to the mid-1970s and a collection of nearly 100 oral history interviews with retired orchestra members or their surviving family members. The Archives also houses a collection of films and broadcast-quality videotapes dating back to the 1940s.



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