REPS TourFest 2015: Somerville PorchFest

After a long day of touring archival repositories we will regroup and go listen to some great music! The Somerville PorchFest is an “open-source” music festival. Over 100 musical artists perform over the course of the day on porches and in yards across Somerville. The PorchFest has been an annual event in Somerville since 2011. It’s a great way to check out local music!

We’ll be making our way to the festival around 4 pm. You can view a map of the musicians and see who’s playing while we’ll be there on the Somerville Art Council’s website. You can even listen to some mp3s, or see if your favorite genre is represented — there’s folk, bluegrass, rock, blues, classical — there’s even a harpsichordist!

Register for the REPS TourFest 2015 now!


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