The REPS Guide to SAA 2015!
Panorama of Cleveland, Ohio, 1912. Image Credit: Library of Congress

The Society of American Archivists 2015 Annual Meeting is right around the corner! The meeting will be held in Cleveland, Ohio, this year, from August 16-22, and the theme is “Make the Connection”. Here is the REPS guide to resources and guides for those attending – or those watching at home.

Official Resources

The basics — where to go, how to get there, and how you should behave while you are there.

Advice for Attendees

Some recurrent themes, which REPS also endorses: Stay hydrated! Wear some comfortable shoes! Bring charging cables and/or a power strip! Talk to (archivist) strangers! Bring your resume and business cards! And have a good time!

Special Events

Besides the educational sessions, there are lots of interesting things to get involved in over the course of the meeting.

Getting Involved

Even if you aren’t presenting, there are many ways to interact with people during the conference.

REPS Blog Posts

A little advice from REPS …

Other Tips on Conference-Going

… and from others.



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