Why should I run for … Website and Social Media Coordinator?

REPS is recruiting nominees for new leadership! Over the next few days, the current steering committee will explain what being involved in REPS has meant to them. Do you want to get involved to? Please nominate yourself! The final day to submit your nominations is February 26, 2016.

Today, Annalisa Moretti talks about her experience serving as Website and Social Media Coordinator for REPS. Learn about the role of the Website and Social Media Coordinator.

Two years ago, I was working multiple part-time temporary non-archives positions. I had graduated from Simmons College’s archives program the year before and hadn’t had a great deal of luck with scoring interviews. I felt increasingly isolated from the archives profession and I wasn’t sure if I could even keep considering myself an archivist.

Luckily, I worked with several people who were instrumental in forming REPS, and with their encouragement, I decided to run for office in REPS’ first election. I had attended one NEA meeting and had really enjoyed it, and I hoped becoming more involved would help me to regain confidence in my abilities while I searched for work. I didn’t really think I’d win, but to my surprise, I did.

In the time that I have served as Website and Social Media Coordinator for REPS I’ve written scores of blog posts, helped organize a day of service, participated in a session at NEA, and through REPS was invited to help teach an NEA workshop. I’ve gotten to know a great group of fellow new archivists on the steering committee who were with me as I interviewed for positions, finally scored a full-time, permanent position in an archives, and figured out the logistics of attending SAA after receiving a spontaneous scholarship. I don’t think I would have accomplished many of these things without the learning experience and support that being a part of REPS afforded me. I’m eager to pass this on to another early professional and see where the next band of REPS leadership takes us.

Annalisa Moretti is an archives assistant at Burns Library, Boston College. She graduated from Simmons College with a MS in Library Science and Archives in 2013 and is the REPS Website and Social Media Coordinator.


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