Why should I run for … Student Liaison?

REPS is recruiting nominees for new leadership! Over the next few days, the current steering committee will explain what being involved in REPS has meant to them. Do you want to get involved to? Please nominate yourself! The final day to submit your nominations is February 26, 2016.

In this installment, Rose Oliveira talks about her tenure as REPS’s Student Liaison. Learn about the role of the Student Liaison.

Two years ago, I had just arrived in Boston to start at Simmons. I was just beginning my archival studies, I did not know many people,and I didn’t consider myself a leader. However, I did know that I wanted to become involved with the archivist community in New England and I wanted to challenge myself. An e-mail came through my Simmons account about the REPS elections. I decided to throw my name into the hat and I am so glad I did.

Working with REPS allowed me to meet a great group of motivated people in the archives community. It was empowering to be in such an active group and was a great vehicle to put forward thoughts and ideas that I thought would especially benefit students. Working as part of the REPS team gave me the confidence to take initiative on projects. As the student liaison, I got to research and develop relationships with library programs throughout New England. I collaborated with other student groups, hosted meet-ups, took opportunities to introduce NEA and REPS to new students, helped put on an A/V workshop, and collaborated on plenty more events. This position taught me that leadership looks like lots of different things. It is a great feeling to watch some thing you thought about come to life.

REPS is a unique group that provides a lot of freedom in the direction it takes. What do you think would benefit students and new professionals? Consider putting your voice into the mix and submit your name for a REPS position.

Rose Oliveira is a library student at Simmons College and currently works at Tufts Digital Collection and Archives and the Schlesinger Library.


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