Why should I run for … Student Co-Chair?

REPS is recruiting nominees for new leadership! Over the next few days, the current steering committee will explain what being involved in REPS has meant to them. Do you want to get involved to? Please nominate yourself! The final day to submit your nominations is February 26, 2016.

Previously, we heard about the positions of Student LiaisonWebsite and Social Media Coordinator, and Early Professional Co-Chair.

Today we hear from Dan Bullman, who serves as our Student Co-Chair. Learn about the roles of the co-chairs.

When I learned about NEA REPS in 2013, I was in the midst of changing career paths, entering a graduate program and moving to a new city. I didn’t know many people in the profession or in Boston and the REPS leadership was warm and welcoming. They encouraged me to get involved and run for the Co-Chair position even though I was really new to NEA and the archival profession.

Being a student leader in REPS has been one of the most rewarding professional activities in my career thus far. It has been inspiring to work with other great people on the Steering Committee and to meet other students and early professionals through the events we have held. One of my favorite experiences was helping to organize two annual Day of Service events at the Brookline Historical Society and the USS Constitution Museum. If you are a student who is considering getting involved in NEA, then I would highly recommend running for the student Co-Chair position in REPS this spring.

Dan Bullman is a student at Simmons College and he works as an Archives and Research Assistant at Tufts University Digital Collections and Archives and a Manuscript End Processing Assistant at the Schlesinger Library at Harvard University.



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