Introducing the Leadership Team 2016

Brittany Austin

(Roundtable Co-Chair)

brittanyWhere are you from or where did you grow up? Care to share a fun fact about your hometown?

I moved to the Berkshires last year from San Francisco, but I am originally from Muncie, Indiana – home of Garfield the cat and the creators of the Ball jar.

What was the last book that you read or movie you watched that you’d recommend?

Last great movie I saw was Embrace of the Serpent at one of my favorite New England theaters, Amherst Cinema. I’d love to hear your book recommendations – find me on Goodreads @gentlebean.

Best advice to a new student or early professional?

Stay connected with a network of people who are doing things you aspire to do or are interested in learning more about. Personal relationships are everything! Also it’s good to have a specialty, but be open-minded  to trying out new skills and jobs.

How/why did you get into this field?

I love seeing what people create or how they use the information they find in a library or archive. For me, it’s all about building community, sharing stories, providing equal access and promoting life-long learning.

Your last meal on earth?

A veggie burrito with avocado from Taqueria Cancun in San Francisco.

Desert island music/books

The Maddaddam trilogy by Margaret Atwood and everything by the Cocteau Twins.

What is the most interesting job you’ve ever had?

Non-archives: I once was a singer/dancer at an amusement park – makes for a good story, but not the best job I’ve ever had. Archives: My job right now – I work at a dance festival!

You can also find me on Twitter @deweydoofus




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