The Eight Installment of Introducing the Leadership Team

Sarah Bush

(Member at Large)

333Where are you from or where did you grow up? Care to share a fun fact about your hometown?

I’m from St. Louis, Missouri, which is famous (among people who live there) for toasted ravioli and gooey butter cake. Also, the art museum, history museum, and zoo are free and fabulous, and the City Museum (not free) is spectacular.

Where did you attend school?

I went to Earlham College—a very small Quaker school in Indiana—for my B.A. I’m currently attending Simmons College in Boston as a dual degree student in archives and history.

What’s the number one most played song on your iPhone right now?

I’m guessing it’s Icona Pop’s “I Love It.”

Tips for getting through job search and/or grad school?

Take deep breaths and remember to take care of yourself. If you’re searching for jobs, ask people in your personal and professional networks if they know anyone who could get you an introduction, and use those introductions to your advantage.

Professional interests or specialties within the field

I’m interested in educational outreach, especially with middle school and high school students, collective memory, and photograph collections.

Written by: Sarah Bush



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