Friday at the Archivio di Louisiana Processing a Collection

Audio at bottom. This was the first time creating a video for the blog post.

My Friday started roughly at 5:30am. Just like everyone else in the world, I had to get right with the morning. Sometimes it is verycoffee difficult to get right with the morning. After breakfast, I had a cappuccino just because I love cappuccino (or as we say in Italia: Io amo bevo cappuccino). Plus it helps me get right with the morning.

putting the collection back

Upon arriving at the Archivio di Louisiana, I check my email as I drink my glass of green tea. I have been told that Green Tea is good for me. I do not know if  this is true, but I like it so I drink it. Oh, I almost forgot. Each morning, I check the fax machine in order to see if someone used old technology in order to communicate with me. Yes, I know it is 2016 but we still get that rare fax. Anyway back to the work of an Archivist.

This morning, I had to put up a collection of material that I sent down to the research room on Thursday. When a researcher comes to the Archives to view material he or she goes to the research room to view the material. If the material is not downstairs, our research room staff will call me upstairs and tell me that a Archival Research Request is on the way up. So, I than go into the stacks and retrieve the collection. Before I send the collection down, I record the date the request was made, the accession number, the research room staff and patron who made the request as well as my name. Then, I open the box in order to determine if the material has any preservation needs the research room needs to be aware of it. One of the many jobs of an archivist is to make sure the collections are not damaged. Then I send the material down the dumbwaiter.  When the collection comes back up, I make sure that everything is in the box and sign it back in. All signing it in entails is opening up the sign out sheet and recording that the collection was returned as well as put back on the shelf. After putting the collection away, it was off to the 3rd Floor for the grunt of the day’s work.

writing the accession number on the boxes

Today, I accessioned an addition to a collection. We received 50 boxes of campaign finance reports from the Louisiana Board of Ethics. The first step of the process was to search in Eloquent, which is our Collection Management Software, in order to locate the accession number.  After locating the accession number, I wrote the number on the transmittal as well as on all of the boxes. The Board of Ethics wrote numbers 700 to 750 on the boxes, but when the boxes were placed on the pallet the boxes became out of numerical order. So I had to put the boxes in number order. Also, I placed the boxes on the floor the way they would go on the shelf. All of the even number boxes go in the back and all the odd number boxes go in the front. After organizing the boxes, I wrote the archival space location number on each box as well as on the transmittal. Than it was time for my arm workout. In other words, I put the boxes on the shelf. They were going to jump on the shelf by themselves.

putting the boxes in order as well putting the copies of the transmittal in the boxes



The next step involved updating the finding aid, which in in Eloquent, as well as recording the archival space location number in the accession register spreadsheet. Than I emailed the completed transmittal to the Board of Ethics. The next step involved updating the finding aid, which is in Eloquent, as well as recording the archival space location number in the accession register spreed sheet.

Half way through the project I had to stop. Why you ask? Because I was hungry. Lunch on Friday was crawfish bisque over rice with carrots.lunch

















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