Atlanta or bust

The bags are packed for SAA. The forecast for Atlanta calls for rain and hot temperatures. So, I decided to bring the yellow pants just in case the sun does not want to come out and play while I am in Atlanta. 

And if it rains in Atlanta, I will do what I did in Venice, Italy. I will dance in the streets while holding my umbrella. You know what they say, “A bad day traveling beats a good day at the Archivio di Louisiana.”

Dancing in the rain

There are lots of sessions to attend and people to meet while at SAA. 

On Wednesday, come join  REPS at Max Lagers 320 Peachtree NE in Atlanta. We are meeting @7:30pm in the hotel lobby after the SNAP Roundtable meeting or meet us there. 

On Thursday, I will be speaking at Session 208 about how the Louisiana State Archives and the National World War II Museum provides access to people with disabilities. 

On Friday they are  two sessions in the first block that interest me but they are being held at the same time. Thank goodness for recordings because I cannot cut myself into two. There is a session called “Rethinking Disasters.” I spoke to one of the presenters of this session back in April. His advice to me was to keep the disaster plan simple. It will be interesting to hear what is presented during this session. I had attended a disaster planning workshop back in April. The other session is called “Telling the Story of Archival Value.” David Carmichael spoke about telling people the value of archives and museums in his talk during the Spring meeting of MARAC in Pittsburgh. I thought it would be interesting to hear more about how we as archivial professionals can tell the public the value that archives and museums bring to the community. 

During Friday’s second block of sessions, I am going to the session called “Recipes from Culinary Collections: Creative and Tasty Approaches to Outreach.” The title of this session made me stop and say this sounds really interesting. 

Friday is the reception at the World of CocaCola and the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. 

On Saturday, there is a session on genealogy as well as moving archival collection from an old building to a new building. During the 80s the Louisiana State Archives moved from an old building to a new building. 

See everyone in hot Atlanta. 



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