The Rook takes on Atlanta 

On Monday August 1, I flew to Atlanta to attend the SAA Conference. That’s why there have not been many blog posts, Facebook posts, or Tweets. I left home on Monday at 5:30am to catch my 7:50am flight. Yes, the Rook took the early morning flight.

At the conference I even got to meet one of my fellow steering committee members Chris Tanguay along with some great people.

Once I catch up and fill out my notes, I will write a few blog posts regarding the conference. It was a great conference. I invite my fellow NEA and REPS members or any person who attended to write a blog post.  I look forward to hearing what other people have to say about the conference.

Also, I will need a volunteer to cover the Fall NEA meeting.

Great things are happening in the archival profession, but first I am going to bed because the Rook is tired.

no coffee and it’s early on Monday

Written By: Blake Relle



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