Secretary: Why should you run?

REPS elections are around the corner. Are you thinking of getting involved? Here is why you should run for Secretary:

As secretary, I served as the official record keeper of REPS. This includes keeping minutes and managing the membership list. Wrangling the large membership list can be a bit of a challenge at times, but it’s important to make sure that all REPS members are receiving our communications. Another aspect of the position is managing the listserv and putting out the weekly newsletter, REPS Roundup. While the Roundup can be an effort at times, it was rewarding to work on. I learned a lot in the process of surveying institutions locally and nationally for news, events, opportunities, and initiatives. In addition to the specific duties of secretary, serving on the steering committee helped me connect more with the community. I had the opportunity to serve as a Tour Fest site coordinator, which involved touring two great sites in Boston. I also got the opportunity to coordinate a Day of Service site, which was great to see real progress being made with organizing the institutional records of a historic church in Dorchester.

Chris Tanguay is a collections associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Institute Archives & Special Collections and holds an MSLIS from Simmons College.




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