Vote for REPS 2017

Your current REPS leaders are excited to open the ballot for the REPS Steering Committee Election 2017-2018.

At our annual roundtable meeting, which will be held during the upcoming NEA Spring 2017 Meeting in Hyannis, Massachusetts, we will officially pass the reins to the new steering committee members. See below for bios of each candidate.

 Candidate for Co-Chair (Early Professional)

Michael Brenes

As someone new to the archival profession, I am running for co-chair of REPS for the opportunity to establish collaborations and partnerships across our discipline. Before coming to Yale, I received my PhD in History at the City University of New York and spent almost a decade as a professor teaching at the college and community college level— much of which revolved around the use of archives and primary documents in and outside of the classroom. I believe my background offers a unique perspective on many issues facing our profession, in particular the challenges confronted by a difficult job market and the need for broader communication between the educational and archival community. As a co-chair of REPS, I would look to collectively address the issues students and new archivists face while creating events and forums that facilitate dialogue and relationships between early and experienced professionals. Thank you for your consideration.

Lauren Vanderberg

I’m Lauren VanDenBerg and I am running for REPS Early Professional Co-chair. I graduated with my MLIS in June 2015 and shortly thereafter moved to Rhode Island. In May of 2016 I was hired by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth where I am the archivist for the Congressman Barney Frank Collection. Before moving to New England I worked as a processing archivist at the Colorado State Archives, photo reference library assistant at the History Colorado Center library, and student trainee at National Archives Denver. As a student, I worked internships where I cataloged film at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and processed a women’s history collection for the Auraria Campus Library Special Collections. As a new professional, and relatively new to the New England area, I know only too well the importance of professional networks and ongoing collaboration between students, new professionals, and the greater archives community.

Candidates for Co-Chair (Student)

Molly Brown

After benefitting greatly from the opportunities REPS and NEA have offered me, I want to make sure I can expand and enhance future opportunities for early professionals and students. I believe in encouraging professional development and creating welcoming low stakes environments to encourage individuals to challenge themselves through involvement. In light of our current political climate, it is more important than ever to be a strong network of leadership, progressive support, and clear communication. As a board member of Simmons College’s Progressive Librarians Guild and a member of the Simmons College SLIS Communication Committee I am continually improving my skills of incorporating a progressive outlook into archival praxis and developing effective ways of communicating. As an archivist at Old South Church, reference assistant at Boston College, and research assistant for Simmons College I am connected to a number of institutions with resources that could benefit REPS. As student co-chair of REPS I would hope to serve as a conduit of resources and reserve of support for both the REPS Steering Committee and the members of REPS at large. Not only organizing events but serving as a friendly face and ally to make attending events full of unknowns anxiety free is a priority for me as student co-chair.

Candidates for Secretary

Kyle Boyd

I am running for REPS secretary because I would like to contribute to the roundtable’s goal of providing a space for students and early professionals to network, learn, and contribute to the archival field. I am currently in my first year of the library science/archives program at the Simmons College West campus and I have had experience interning and volunteering at various archival institutions. Joining NEA and REPS has allowed me to learn more about the profession, and the many opportunities for archivists in New England. By serving as the REPS secretary I would like to assist others who are new to this field in navigating the early years of their careers, and their NEA membership. 

Candidate for Student Liaison

No Candidate – There will be a follow-up election for this position offered to the eligible student(s) who are currently running for another position and are not elected.

 Candidate for Event Coordinator

No Candidate – There will be a follow-up election for this position offered to the eligible student(s) who are currently running for another position and are not elected.

Candidate for Website and Social Media Coordinator

Lucy Ross

My name is Lucy Ross, and I’m a recent Simmons graduate running for the position of Website and Social Media Coordinator. I’ve been a member of NEA since 2015, and would like to become involved in REPS beyond participating in events and attending meetings. In the past, I’ve held several social media management and website maintenance roles which I greatly enjoyed, as they gave me a chance to connect with, inform, and hopefully entertain a wide swath of people. Professionally, my seven years as registrar for a digital art gallery included extensive web-based duties, such as maintenance of our website (and successful migration across platforms) and posting and engagement on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others. In my current work at Massachusetts General Hospital, I’ve recently become involved in social media outreach for our museum and archives.

Check your email for the ballot.



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