Meet the Steering Committee: Early Professional Co-chair

Lauren VanDenBerg

Early Professional Co-chair

Where are you from or where did you grow up? Care to share a fun fact about your hometown?
I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Fun fact: Elvis once flew to Denver for sandwiches, but even before that one night visit his adventures in Denver included iconic sandwiches, corrupt cops, cadillacs, getting a badge as a member of the Organized Crime Strike Force for the Denver Police Department, and attending at least one drug bust with the Police…possibly in uniform. I found this out while processing Senate Judiciary Committee proceedings from the early 1980’s for the State of Colorado.

Where did you attend school?
I did my undergraduate work at the University of Colorado at Denver and my MLIS through Kent State University’s online program.

What’s the number one most played song on your iPhone right now?
I *gasp* left my phone at home today so I’m guessing it is probably a Maria Callas aria since I listen to opera while writing at work, but I wouldn’t rule out “Cold Light” by Operators or the live version of “China Girl” by David Bowie from the VH1 Storytellers album.

Tips for getting through job search and/or grad school?
When job searching create a spreadsheet to keep track of which jobs you applied for, when you applied, if you have a point of contact, and a way to view the job description. This will help keep you from double applying, or not applying at all, as some places will release several positions that sound similar within a few weeks or days of one another. Also, the hiring process can be painfully slow (I recently got notification from a place I applied over a year and a half ago) so when they do call you for that interview you can easily review what it was you actually applied for and what they are looking for.

Also, puppies/kittens, chocolate, dance parties, and channel your inner Beyonce and tell yourself you got this on a regular basis.

Professional interests or specialties within the field
I love photographs of all kinds, it was actually working in a photography gallery with historic photo materials that (eventually) got me to archives.

Buzzfeed TV Character Identity
I’m Sophia from the Golden Girls! “Your razor-sharp wit is your strongest asset, and you know how to use it. People may underestimate you, but your loved ones know they can rely on you. Who cares about everyone else? Besides, no matter what happens, you’re always the one having the last laugh.”


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