Meet the Steering Committee: Website and Social Media Coordinator

Lucy Ross

Website and Social Media Coordinator

Where are you from or where did you grow up? Care to share a fun fact about your hometown?
I’m from historic, folkloric Quincy, MA! While there are many fun facts to be shared about Quincy (it’s the birthplace of Dunkin’ Donuts and Howard Johnson’s; its United First Parish Church houses a crypt containing the sarcophagi of John, Abigail, John Quincy, and Louisa Adams; and it’s the hometown of Ruth Gordon [and there’s an amphitheater named in her honor!]), my favorite is that its Merrymount neighborhood is named for some famed, unacceptable-to-Puritans, maypole-adjacent revelry.

Where did you attend school?
For my undergrad, I went to Brown University. For my MLIS, Simmons College (highly unique in the NEA world, of course).

What’s the number one most played song on your iPhone right now?
I don’t know the current one, but my most-played track on Spotify last year was Return of the Mack.

Tips for getting through job search and/or grad school?
My most valuable resources for these were a solid support network, a void to scream into, and rigorously scheduled free time with space for non-work or school things. Distracting myself with wedding planning for my last year of grad school was also very helpful for both redirecting my energies and efforts and providing a subject to divert to when I was asked about what I was planning to do once I was done with school!

Professional interests or specialties within the field
I currently work in a medical archives, which is nice since I’ve long been interested in medical history. I’m also interested in conservation/preservation and maritime collections. I spent many years as the registrar for a new media art gallery, and that left me with a lingering fondness for software art, kinetic sculpture, and the intricacies of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule.

Buzzfeed TV Character Identity
I’m Dana Scully from the X-Files! “You’re skeptical, often to the point of stubbornness. You’re serious and dedicated, very close to your family, and extremely caring. Quick-witted, not to be messed with.” I should be so lucky!


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