Goals and Objectives

    1. To foster discussions in areas of interest to students and early professionals, such as:
      • How to obtain, and succeed in, a professional position.
      • How to engage in, and contribute to, the field of archives through such professional outlets as conferences, publications, and leadership opportunities in professional organizations.
      • How to capitalize upon archival and continuing education.
      • How to start and build upon professional networks.
    2. To encourage REPS members to participate in and assist with NEA’s initiatives by:
      • Facilitating discussions among REPS members on NEA topics and programming ideas.
      • Assisting REPS members with getting more involved with NEA.
      • Giving REPS members the tools that they need to become future NEA leaders.
      • Connecting REPS members with NEA leaders.
    3. To collaborate with other groups representing students and early professionals in order to advocate on behalf of early-career archivists.
  1. To encourage relationships between students and early professionals and those already well-established in the field by creating a space for them to communicate with one another outside of the work environment.


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